The Fenix Information App is designed to give external subscribers access, for the first time, to Fenix's own in-house information and image database. In its current version the App contains records on a wide range of munitions including cluster munitions, landmines, air dropped, naval and land service ammunition. The App consists of a downloaded database so can be used off-line when in locations without internet access.

Each record contains a primary image with basic data about the item plus links to PDF documents containing the full range of images of the weapon held by Fenix, extracts of manuals, guides and procedures, and a range of tools detailing colour codes, designation lists and other information to help EOD and Mine Action professionals around the world understand the weapons they encounter.

Fenix is engaged in a rolling programme to bring all records up to full Version 1.2 status with associated images and documents. Further enhancements to the system will be included over time. Requests and suggestions for new features are always welcome.

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