Ammunition Stockpile Destruction

Fenix has been instrumental in the design and development of systems and procedures for stockpile destruction as part of the ‘SHADOW’ self-help programme with NPA. This programme focuses particularly on helping countries meet their obligations under the CCM, but also includes other weapons when they present ammunition safety risks. Fenix is involved in every stage of a SHADOW programme – working with NPA during initial assessments of the situation and feasibility of SHADOW support; conducting technical exploitation of example weapons to develop SOPs and systems; delivering specialist training to local EOD staff prior to implementing the main destruction phase; developing and monitoring environmental management systems; assisting with final reporting and presentation of results to national and international communities.

Moldova 1Macedonia - Design of munition specific toolsSerbia---BL755-cluster-bomb

As with all Fenix work, ASM and PSSM projects draw on every other facet of the company’s experience and capabilities – from exceptional technical knowledge to project planning and management; from quality and environmental management systems to understanding of the importance of integrating information management into operational decision-making and monitoring systems. Fenix treats every objective and activity as part of a larger, integrated system, working to ensure that everything combines into a coherent, reliable and effective package.

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