Falkland Islands Demining Programme Office


Fenix (and before it CKA) has run the Demining Programme Office (equivalent of the MAC) during three phases of area reduction and mine clearance operations in the Falklands. The role has been a wide ranging one, covering broad programme management and local political liaison, with project monitoring and the fine detail of quality assurance and control. Fenix brings a mature and experienced attitude towards its functions, working to ensure that the demining contractor’s own quality management systems are fit for purpose, and then confirming that they are being comprehensively and consistently applied. A rigorous, but mutually respectful relationship has ensured that problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently, and that a ‘no surprises’ culture prevails throughout.

The Falkland Islands offers a number of particular logistic and environmental challenges, as well as exceptional opportunities for the efficient application of land release approaches. During recent phases fenced suspected hazardous areas (SHAs) were released on the basis of less than 2% of the enclosed area undergoing intrusive technical investigation (whether through technical survey or clearance). A forensic approach to accounting for mines against records allowed the DPO and contractor to release land efficiently and with the utmost confidence.

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