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Colin King served 14 years in the British Army, mostly in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), including operations in the Falklands, Gulf, Bosnia and Kosovo. He was an instructor at the British EOD School, spent six years as the sole EOD analyst for the Ministry of Defence and led the first British team to train Afghan deminers before his final tour with the Gurkhas.

He is now co-director of Fenix Insight, which is involved in EOD consultancy throughout the world, mainly for the British, US and Norwegian governments. Most of his work is in post-conflict regions such as Cambodia, Lebanon and Iraq, with numerous assessments of national demining programmes performed on behalf of the US government.

Recent work has included technical advice to the Oslo Process (which resulted in the Convention on Cluster Munitions); oversight and technical assistance to the demining programme in the Falklands; cluster bomb disposal in Moldova; mine disassembly in Libya and a major international study into the effects of aging on landmines.

Colin also writes two reference yearbooks “Mines and Mine Clearance” and "Explosive Ordnance Disposal" for Jane’s Information Group.


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