Ammunition Stockpile Destruction - Moldova

Fenix has been involved in two major projects in Moldova. In 2009 it was the scene of the first SHADOW project, when the Fenix team (working through Colin King’s original company CKA at the time) worked with NPA to develop a combined operational management system. This encompassed rigorously developed disassembly procedures with a simple, clear and effective quality management system to provide the Moldovan Army with the capacity they needed to destroy their entire stockpile of cluster munitions and become the first country in the world to do so.

Two years later Fenix was back in Moldova with ICRC conducting ASM and PSSM work to help the country destroy its stock of obsolete air dropped weapons. An opportunity to use old RPGs as a source of shaped charge warheads was taken, emphasising Fenix’s objectives of bringing operational and environmental efficiency to all aspects of its work.

On completion of the work Colin King was awarded the Fraternity of Arms medal by the Moldovan Ministry of Defence, in recognition of his energy, skill and commitment to assisting the country.

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