Operational Management

Fenix doesn’t just manage its own operations. It provides support and advice to operating organisations, national authorities and international institutions in all aspects of operational management, including the integration of information management into operational and quality systems. Fenix has its own project and programme management tools and dashboards available to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and keep operational managers up to date on progress. Fenix builds its systems based upon its senior team’s own experience of managing major projects around the world, which have involved up to 3,000 personnel and tens of millions of dollars of contract value.

Fenix is closely involved with the development of land release systems and has drafted three recent IMAS on the subject, as well as delivering many training workshops with GICHD to operators and authorities around the world. The company’s understanding of the importance of, and techniques for, integrating information management into operational decision-making processes links across all its operations and activities. They apply whether drawing on data to support risk assessment procedures during exploitation work, or advising national governments on approaches to the quality assurance of land release decisions and their implications for results-based management (RBM) processes.

Fenix offers an unrivalled combination of experience and commitment to bring all aspects of an organisation’s, project’s or programme’s activities together into a coherent and effective integrated system.

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